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Is there any such thing as a winning roulette system?

Winning Roulette System

Many have tried to find a winning roulette system over the years, but with no joy. The beauty of the game is that it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of your experience at casino games, therefore skills and strategies count for very little. The one factor that you need on your side on any given day is luck.

Strategies that are widely available to adopt when playing roulette online all relate to your stake after each spin. For example, the Martingale theory suggests that the player should double their bet after each loss. This generally applied to outside bets where the odds are even money. If you used the Martingale theory you could have seven losing spins on the bounce, followed by a winning number, and still show a profit. This may seem like a guaranteed way of making a return; however, what has to be considered is after each losing spin, you are digging further into your bankroll, and after say five losing spins, you may not be able to afford to keep doubling your stake in the game. Fans of Betfair should remember this.

The Paroli system on the other hand, works much differently. This suggests that you should increase your stake after a winning spin. There is no set amount that Paroli advises to increase your bet by, this is left down to you. You may decide to increase it by 50%, 75% or even double the amount. This system would be very profitable if you were to go on a winning streak. Another advantage of using the Paroli system is that it is unlikely to hurt your bankroll in the same manner the Martingale theory would. The latter is dangerous because you are chasing back your losses and could end up throwing away your whole bankroll in a short space of time.


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